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Evaluation and modeling of kinetics of Aluminium in plasma and dialysis fluid

Paun S.C., Tudosie M.S., Macovei R., Ardelean Luminia, Bumbea Viorica, Caragea Genica, Ionica M., Mircioiu C., Piperea-Sianu A., Mladin C.
Abstract: Paper investigated kinetics of Aluminium levels during renal dialysis. Plasma and dialysis fluid levels of Aluminium where evaluated using an Atomic Absorption Spectrometry method. Evaluation included determination of mean blood level of a control group and a chronic renal failure patients group. It was found that plasma levels of Aluminium (21.7 ± 22.5 µg/L) were significant higher in patients than in control group (4.07 ± 0.51 µg/L). Concentration of Aluminium in dialysis fluid was two times lower than mean concentration in blood (8.78 ± 8.90 before dialysis and 9.0 ± 13.2 µg/L after dialysis). The difference between the mean concentrations at the beginning and at the end of dialysis was not significant. Consequently, the main source of Al seems to be the blood in the case of uraemic patients and the dialysis work as a -detoxification- method. In conditions of replacing tap water for dialysis with purified water obtained with reverse osmosis the main Al flux is from blood to dialysis fluid.

Keywords: Aluminium, pharmacokinetic model, haemodialysis, Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, chronic renal disease


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