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Preparation, Optimization and Characterization Of Gastroretentive Ranitidine Hydrochloride Alginate Beads

Anmar A. Issa, Valentina Anuta, Alice Piperea, Nagwa Ibrahim
Abstract: Gastroretentive drug delivery system of RHCl using floating alginate beads as an approach for prolonged release was prepared and the results of factorial design indicated that the dissolution profile is significantly depended on the alginate: drug ratio and hydroxy proprylmethylcellulose(HPMC): alginate ratio. The determined drug loading % of optimized formula was 33% which means that the weight of floating beads equivalent to 336 mg of RHCl is 1018.18 mg.

Keywords: alginate beads, hydroxy proprylmethylcellulose(HPMC), Ranitidine hydrochloride


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